Rice pudding


There’s no pudding rice in Italy, but Arborio is a great substitute with its starchy covering that makes risottos, and this pudding, even more creamy. I like my pudding with raisins in it, rather than adding jam or golden syrup afterwards, so that you get little bursts of fresh-tasting warm fruit to go with the unctuous rice. Really, the recipe depends on your container and what you have available – add as much or as little cream, double cream, milk and butter as you dare. This version came out fairly stiff, so next time I would experiment with adding more milk to rice to get more creaminess.

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6 tablespoons arborio rice
2 tablespoons sugar
750ml full fat milk
50g raisins

Butter an ovenproof dish. Add the rice, sugar and raisins, pour in milk and grate nutmeg on top. Bake for 2 hours at 150°C, stirring after the first 30 minutes and the first hour.


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