Seabass with potatoes and anchovies

This is one of those recipes that was ripped out of a magazine at some point and has then spent an indeterminate amount of time hanging around the kitchen waiting for the right moment to shine. Credit is surely due to some cookery writer out there but unfortunately only some in-depth typological detective work will now reveal the true source… Mum got some gorgeous seabass for Good Friday, and this simple idea really did them justice.

2 seabass, whole, cleaned and scaled
500g waxy potatoes
10 anchovy fillets
1 lemon
250ml vegetable stock

Cut the potatoes lengthways into 3 or 4 slices, they should be 1cm or just less thick. Heat some olive oil in a roasting tray large enough to contain the fish and brown the potatoes on each side. Lay the anchovy fillets on top with the lemon in thickish wedges, place the seabass on top and pour over the stock. Bake for 1/2 hour. Fillet the fish and serve on warm plates with the potatoes, a jug of the liquid left in the pan for a sauce and a green vegetable – we had peas.


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